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Predictors of cranioplasty complications in stroke and trauma patients.Academic Article Why?
Role of trauma and infection in childhood hemorrhagic stroke due to vascular lesions.Academic Article Why?
The impact of a concurrent trauma alert evaluation on time to head computed tomography in patients with suspected stroke.Academic Article Why?
SOD-1 transgenic mice as a model for studies of neuroprotection in stroke and brain trauma.Academic Article Why?
Cortical correlates of noun and verb deficits in aphasiaGrant Why?
Functional Architecture of Human Speech Motor CortexGrant Why?
Role of Aquaporin-4 Water Channels in Cerebral EdemaGrant Why?
The impact of preinjury antithrombotic medication on hemostatic interventions in trauma patients.Academic Article Why?
Male predominance in childhood ischemic stroke: findings from the international pediatric stroke study.Academic Article Why?
Early treatment of blunt cerebrovascular injury with concomitant hemorrhagic neurologic injury is safe and effective.Academic Article Why?
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