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    Anil Bhushan, PhD

    SchoolUCSF School of Medicine
    DepartmentDiabetes Center
    Address513 Parnassus Avenue
    San Francisco CA 94117
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      UCDavisPhDBiochemistry and Biophysics1992
      Salk InstitutePostdoctoral 1999

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      1. Dhawan S, Dirice E, Kulkarni RN, Bhushan A. Inhibition of TGF-ß Signaling Promotes Human Pancreatic ß-Cell Replication. Diabetes. 2016 May; 65(5):1208-18. PMID: 26936960.
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      2. Dhawan S, Tschen SI, Zeng C, Guo T, Hebrok M, Matveyenko A, Bhushan A. DNA methylation directs functional maturation of pancreatic ß cells. J Clin Invest. 2015 Jul 1; 125(7):2851-60. PMID: 26098213; PMCID: PMC4563682.
      3. Stewart AF, Hussain MA, García-Ocaña A, Vasavada RC, Bhushan A, Bernal-Mizrachi E, Kulkarni RN. Human ß-cell proliferation and intracellular signaling: part 3. Diabetes. 2015 Jun; 64(6):1872-85. PMID: 25999530; PMCID: PMC4439562 [Available on 06/01/16].
      4. Zhou JX, Dhawan S, Fu H, Snyder E, Bottino R, Kundu S, Kim SK, Bhushan A. Combined modulation of polycomb and trithorax genes rejuvenates ß cell replication. J Clin Invest. 2013 Nov; 123(11):4849-58. PMID: 24216481; PMCID: PMC3809789.
      5. Kartikasari AE, Zhou JX, Kanji MS, Chan DN, Sinha A, Grapin-Botton A, Magnuson MA, Lowry WE, Bhushan A. The histone demethylase Jmjd3 sequentially associates with the transcription factors Tbx3 and Eomes to drive endoderm differentiation. EMBO J. 2013 May 15; 32(10):1393-408. PMID: 23584530; PMCID: PMC3655467.
      6. Georgia S, Kanji M, Bhushan A. DNMT1 represses p53 to maintain progenitor cell survival during pancreatic organogenesis. Genes Dev. 2013 Feb 15; 27(4):372-7. PMID: 23431054; PMCID: PMC3589554.
      7. Kanji MS, Martin MG, Bhushan A. Dicer1 is required to repress neuronal fate during endocrine cell maturation. Diabetes. 2013 May; 62(5):1602-11. PMID: 23382448; PMCID: PMC3636616.
      8. Papizan JB, Singer RA, Tschen SI, Dhawan S, Friel JM, Hipkens SB, Magnuson MA, Bhushan A, Sussel L. Nkx2.2 repressor complex regulates islet ß-cell specification and prevents ß-to-a-cell reprogramming. Genes Dev. 2011 Nov 1; 25(21):2291-305. PMID: 22056672; PMCID: PMC3219233.
      9. Tschen SI, Georgia S, Dhawan S, Bhushan A. Skp2 is required for incretin hormone-mediated ß-cell proliferation. Mol Endocrinol. 2011 Dec; 25(12):2134-43. PMID: 21980072; PMCID: PMC3231831.
      10. Dhawan S, Georgia S, Tschen SI, Fan G, Bhushan A. Pancreatic ß cell identity is maintained by DNA methylation-mediated repression of Arx. Dev Cell. 2011 Apr 19; 20(4):419-29. PMID: 21497756; PMCID: PMC3086024.
      11. Georgia S, Bhushan A. Pregnancy hormones boost beta cells via serotonin. Nat Med. 2010 Jul; 16(7):756-7. PMID: 20613752.
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      12. Matveyenko AV, Georgia S, Bhushan A, Butler PC. Inconsistent formation and nonfunction of insulin-positive cells from pancreatic endoderm derived from human embryonic stem cells in athymic nude rats. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2010 Nov; 299(5):E713-20. PMID: 20587750; PMCID: PMC3774125.
      13. Georgia S, Hinault C, Kawamori D, Hu J, Meyer J, Kanji M, Bhushan A, Kulkarni RN. Cyclin D2 is essential for the compensatory beta-cell hyperplastic response to insulin resistance in rodents. Diabetes. 2010 Apr; 59(4):987-96. PMID: 20103709; PMCID: PMC2844846.
      14. Dhawan S, Tschen SI, Bhushan A. Bmi-1 regulates the Ink4a/Arf locus to control pancreatic beta-cell proliferation. Genes Dev. 2009 Apr 15; 23(8):906-11. PMID: 19390085; PMCID: PMC2675870.
      15. Tschen SI, Dhawan S, Gurlo T, Bhushan A. Age-dependent decline in beta-cell proliferation restricts the capacity of beta-cell regeneration in mice. Diabetes. 2009 Jun; 58(6):1312-20. PMID: 19228811; PMCID: PMC2682690.
      16. Schulthess FT, Katz S, Ardestani A, Kawahira H, Georgia S, Bosco D, Bhushan A, Maedler K. Deletion of the mitochondrial flavoprotein apoptosis inducing factor (AIF) induces beta-cell apoptosis and impairs beta-cell mass. PLoS One. 2009; 4(2):e4394. PMID: 19197367; PMCID: PMC2632884.
      17. Meier JJ, Butler AE, Saisho Y, Monchamp T, Galasso R, Bhushan A, Rizza RA, Butler PC. Beta-cell replication is the primary mechanism subserving the postnatal expansion of beta-cell mass in humans. Diabetes. 2008 Jun; 57(6):1584-94. PMID: 18334605; PMCID: PMC3697779.
      18. Dhawan S, Georgia S, Bhushan A. Formation and regeneration of the endocrine pancreas. Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2007 Dec; 19(6):634-45. PMID: 18061427; PMCID: PMC2695413.
      19. Butler PC, Meier JJ, Butler AE, Bhushan A. The replication of beta cells in normal physiology, in disease and for therapy. Nat Clin Pract Endocrinol Metab. 2007 Nov; 3(11):758-68. PMID: 17955017.
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      20. Zhong L, Georgia S, Tschen SI, Nakayama K, Nakayama K, Bhushan A. Essential role of Skp2-mediated p27 degradation in growth and adaptive expansion of pancreatic beta cells. J Clin Invest. 2007 Oct; 117(10):2869-76. PMID: 17823659; PMCID: PMC1964513.
      21. Butler AE, Huang A, Rao PN, Bhushan A, Hogan WJ, Rizza RA, Butler PC. Hematopoietic stem cells derived from adult donors are not a source of pancreatic beta-cells in adult nondiabetic humans. Diabetes. 2007 Jul; 56(7):1810-6. PMID: 17456852.
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      22. Georgia S, Bhushan A. p27 Regulates the transition of beta-cells from quiescence to proliferation. Diabetes. 2006 Nov; 55(11):2950-6. PMID: 17065330.
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      23. Georgia S, Soliz R, Li M, Zhang P, Bhushan A. p57 and Hes1 coordinate cell cycle exit with self-renewal of pancreatic progenitors. Dev Biol. 2006 Oct 1; 298(1):22-31. PMID: 16899237.
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      24. Meier JJ, Bhushan A, Butler PC. The potential for stem cell therapy in diabetes. Pediatr Res. 2006 Apr; 59(4 Pt 2):65R-73R. PMID: 16549551.
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      25. Wang X, Ge S, Gonzalez I, McNamara G, Rountree CB, Xi KK, Huang G, Bhushan A, Crooks GM. Formation of pancreatic duct epithelium from bone marrow during neonatal development. Stem Cells. 2006 Feb; 24(2):307-14. PMID: 16510429.
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      26. Georgia S, Bhushan A. Beta cell replication is the primary mechanism for maintaining postnatal beta cell mass. J Clin Invest. 2004 Oct; 114(7):963-8. PMID: 15467835; PMCID: PMC518666.
      27. Bhushan A, Itoh N, Kato S, Thiery JP, Czernichow P, Bellusci S, Scharfmann R. Fgf10 is essential for maintaining the proliferative capacity of epithelial progenitor cells during early pancreatic organogenesis. Development. 2001 Dec; 128(24):5109-17. PMID: 11748146.
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      28. Bhushan A, Chen Y, Vale W. Smad7 inhibits mesoderm formation and promotes neural cell fate in Xenopus embryos. Dev Biol. 1998 Aug 15; 200(2):260-8. PMID: 9705232.
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      29. Chen Y, Bhushan A, Vale W. Smad8 mediates the signaling of the ALK-2 [corrected] receptor serine kinase. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1997 Nov 25; 94(24):12938-43. PMID: 9371779; PMCID: PMC24242.
      30. Bhushan A, Lin HY, Lodish HF, Kintner CR. The transforming growth factor beta type II receptor can replace the activin type II receptor in inducing mesoderm. Mol Cell Biol. 1994 Jun; 14(6):4280-5. PMID: 8196664; PMCID: PMC358794.
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