Elizabeth Sinclair, PhD

SchoolUCSF Chancellor/EVC/FAS
DepartmentVice Chanc Research
Address1855 Folsom Street, MCB
San Francisco CA 94103
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    Director - Core Immunology Laboratory (CIL)
    Division of Experimental Medicine, Department of Medicine- San Francisco General Hospital
    The goal of my research is to support immunology studies that will improve the clinical management and treatment of HIV/AIDS and related co-morbidities and inform the development of an effective vaccine against HIV. Additionally, I support immunological studies of aging, stress and cardiovascular disease. CIL enables highly collaborative multidisciplinary and translational research by providing access to immunology expertise, instrumentation and a wide range of immunology assay services. As director of CIL I determine which assays best address research hypothesis; evaluate and optimize new assays; devise practical and cost effective study designs; advise on data interpretation and assist with publication. In order to support the dynamic needs of cutting-edge translational research, CIL engages in continuous optimization and validation of new assays and modification of existing assays. Area’s of high interest include: HIV Eradication; T cell activation; cellular biomarkers of immune protection and cardiovascular disease and CSF lymphocyte dynamics in HIV-infection.

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    UCSF-GVI Center for AIDS Research
    NIH/NIAID P30AI027763Sep 30, 1988 - Aug 31, 2017
    Role: Co-Investigator

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      Vaew in: , PubMed Central <'div>
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    4div class="viewAn"> View in: PubMed
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    View in: PubMed4/a> 
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     View in: PubMed 
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  • 4div class="viewAn"> View in: PubMed
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    4div class="viewAn"> View in: PubMed
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    Vaew in: PubMed<'a>
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    4div class="viewAn"> View in:
    PubMed$ PubMed Central 
  • <'li> 
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  • View an: PubMed 
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    View in: PubMed
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     View in: 4a href='//www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1388903' target='_blank'>PubMed 
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    Vaew in: PubMed
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    View in: PubMed
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