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    Frances Brodsky, PhD

    SchoolUCSF School of Pharmacy
    Address513 Parnassus Ave
    San Francisco CA 94143
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      1975Phi Beta Kappa, Junior year Camille and Henry Dreyfus Fellowship for Summer Research
      1976Marshall Scholarship
      1980Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Fund Postdoctoral Fellowship
      1987Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Fund, Research Starter Grant
      1988Pew Scholars Program
      McGill University2005Boehringer-Ingleheim Lecturer
      University of Queensland2005Honorary Professor
      University of California, San Francisco2005Commencement Speaker for Graduate Programs
      National Institutes of Health2006Margaret Pittman Lecturer
      King's College, Cambridge2006Visiting Fellowship
      American Society of Cell Biology2007Senior Career Award, Women in Cell Biology
      University of Massachusetts2008Kai Lin Memorial Lecturer
      Lysosomes Gordon Research Conference2008Elected Vice-Chair
      Lysosomes Gordon Research Conference2010Elected Chair
      Harris-Manchester College, Oxford University2010Lord Harris Visiting Professor
      Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden2011Diabetes Symposium Invited Speaker

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      Collapse Overview
      Clathrin is a self-assembling protein that controls the formation of intracellular transport vesicles required for several key membrane traffic pathways. These include receptor-mediated endocytosis and biogenesis of lysosomes and secretory granules. Thus clathrin plays a critical role in cell growth control, antigen presentation, neuronal function and hormone secretion. Malfunction of clathrin pathways is associated with development of cancer, heart disease and neuronal defects. Clathrin-mediated pathways are also subverted by certain viruses and intracellular bacteria to facilitate their infection. A novel isoform of clathrin (CHC22) that is primarily expressed in skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle and fat has been recently characterized by the Brodsky laboratory. Its tissue-specific function is to package the GLUT4 glucose transporter into intracellular vesicles that are released in response to insulin stimulation, leading to clearance of glucose from the bloodstream. This CHC22 clathrin isoform is therefore associated with pathways that are defective in type 2 diabetes. The focus of the Brodsky laboratory since 1982 has been to define the biochemistry, regulation, evolution and physiological function of the clathrin subunits and their isoforms, focusing on their role in disease states, as well as in normal cellular physiology. The laboratory has made significant contributions in these areas over the years and maintains an international reputation for expertise on clathrin structure and function.
      There are four current projects in the laboratory. These projects aim to define the comparative functions of the two clathrin heavy chain (CHC) isoforms (CHC17 and CHC22) and the two clathrin light chain isoforms (LCa and LCb). The regulation of CHC17 clathrin function by signaling pathways and the cooperation of CHC17 clathrin with the actin cytoskeleton through clathrin light chain interaction with the actin-binding Hip proteins is being investigated in the context of cell adhesion and migration. Establishing the mechanistic role of CHC22 clathrin in GLUT4 transport and pathways that malfunction in type 2 diabetes is also a major goal for the laboratory.

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