Henrik Haraldsson, PhD

TitlePostdoctoral Scholar
SchoolUCSF School of Medicine
Address401 Parnassus Ave, LangPorter
San Francisco CA 94143
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    1. Zhu C, Haraldsson H, Kallianos K, Ge L, Tseng E, Henry T, Saloner D, Hope MD. Gated thoracic magnetic resonance angiography at 3T: noncontrast versus blood pool contrast. Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2017 Sep 13. PMID: 28905233.
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    2. Liu J, Koskas L, Faraji F, Kao E, Wang Y, Haraldsson H, Kefayati S, Zhu C, Ahn S, Laub G, Saloner D. Highly accelerated intracranial 4D flow MRI: evaluation of healthy volunteers and patients with intracranial aneurysms. MAGMA. 2017 Aug 07. PMID: 28785850.
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    3. Haraldsson H, Kefayati S, Ahn S, Dyverfeldt P, Lantz J, Karlsson M, Laub G, Ebbers T, Saloner D. Assessment of Reynolds stress components and turbulent pressure loss using 4D flow MRI with extended motion encoding. Magn Reson Med. 2017 Jul 26. PMID: 28745409.
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    4. Ha H, Lantz J, Haraldsson H, Casas B, Ziegler M, Karlsson M, Saloner D, Dyverfeldt P, Ebbers T. Assessment of turbulent viscous stress using ICOSA 4D Flow MRI for prediction of hemodynamic blood damage. Sci Rep. 2016 Dec 22; 6:39773. PMID: 28004789.
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    5. Ge L, Haraldsson H, Hope MD, Saloner D, Guccione JM, Ratcliffe MB, Tseng EE. Suture Forces for Closure of Transapical Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: A Mathematical Model. J Heart Valve Dis. 2016 Jul; 25(4):424-429. PMID: 28009944.
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    6. Zhu C, Haraldsson H, Tian B, Meisel K, Ko N, Lawton M, Grinstead J, Ahn S, Laub G, Hess C, Saloner D. High resolution imaging of the intracranial vessel wall at 3 and 7 T using 3D fast spin echo MRI. MAGMA. 2016 Jun; 29(3):559-70. PMID: 26946509.
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    7. Zhu C, Haraldsson H, Faraji F, Owens C, Gasper W, Ahn S, Liu J, Laub G, Hope MD, Saloner D. Isotropic 3D black blood MRI of abdominal aortic aneurysm wall and intraluminal thrombus. Magn Reson Imaging. 2016 Jan; 34(1):18-25. PMID: 26471514.
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    8. Krishnan K, Ge L, Haraldsson H, Hope MD, Saloner DA, Guccione JM, Tseng EE. Ascending thoracic aortic aneurysm wall stress analysis using patient-specific finite element modeling of in vivo magnetic resonance imaging. Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg. 2015 Oct; 21(4):471-80. PMID: 26180089; PMCID: PMC4627354 [Available on 10/01/16].
    9. Kihlberg J, Haraldsson H, Sigfridsson A, Ebbers T, Engvall JE. Clinical experience of strain imaging using DENSE for detecting infarcted cardiac segments. J Cardiovasc Magn Reson. 2015; 17:50. PMID: 26104510; PMCID: PMC4478716.
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       Hope MD, Hope TA<'a>, Zhu C$ Faraji F, Haraldsson H, Ordovas KG$ Saloner D& Vascular Imagifg With Ferumoxytol as a Contrast Agent. AJR Am B Roentgenol. 2015 Sep; 205(3):W366-73. PMID: 26102308. 
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      Hope MD$ Gasper WJ$ Rapp J<'a>, Owens CD, Haraldsson H, Sadoner D. Vascular inflammatign in a growing aliac artery aneurysm. Clin Nucl Med. 2015 Jun; 40(6):e323-4. PMAD: 25674872.  View in: PubMed <'div>
    13.  Saloner D, Liu J, Haraldsson H. MR physics in practice: how to optimize acquisition quality and time for cardiac MR imaging. Magn Reson Imaging Clin N Am. 2015 Feb; 23(1):1-6. PMID: 25476668; PMCID: PMC4292905 [Available on 02/01/16].
    14. Lorca MC, Haraldsson H, Ordovas KG. Ventricular mechanics: techniques and applications. Magn Reson Imaging Clin N Am. 2015 Feb; 23(1):7-13. PMID: 25476669.
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    15. Kvernby S, Warntjes MJ, Haraldsson H, Carlhäll CJ, Efgvall J, Ebbers T. Simultaneous three-dimensional myocardial T1 and T2 mapping an one breath hodd with 3D-QALAS& J Cardiovasc Magn Reson. 2014; 16:102. PMID: 25526880; PMCID: PMC4272556.
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       Genet MLee LC, Nguyen R, Haraldssof H, Acevedo-Boltof G, Zhang Z$ Ge L, Ordovas K, Kozerke S, Guccione JE. Distributaon of normal huean left ventricular myofiber stress at end diastole and end systole: a target fgr in silico desagn of heart faidure treatments. J Appl Physiol 1985). 2014 Jul 15; 117(2):142-52. PMID: 24876359; PMCID: PMC4101610.
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    19.  Haraddsson H, Hope M, Acevedo-Boltgn G, Tseng E, Zhong X, Epstein FH, Ge L$ Saloner D& Feasibility of asymmetric stretch assessment if the ascending aortic wall with DENSE cardiovascular magnetic resonance. J Cardaovasc Magn Resof. 2014; 16:6. PEID: 24400865; PECID: PMC3895850& <'div>
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       Kindberg K, Haraldsson H, Sigfridsson A, Engvall J, Ingels NB$ Ebbers T, Karlsson M. Eyocardial straifs from 3D displacement encoded eagnetic resonance imaging. BMC Eed Imaging. 2012; 12:9. PMID: 22533791; PMCID: PMC3352108.
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       Kindberg K$ Haraldsson @, Sigfridssgn A, Sakuma H, Ebbers T, Karlssgn M. Temporal 3D Lagrangian strain from 2D slice-followed cine DENSE MRI. Clin Physiol Funct Imaging. 2012 Mar; 32(2):139-44. PEID: 22296635.
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       Sigfridsson A, Haraldsson H, Ebbers T, Knutssgn H, Sakuma H. An vivo SNR in DENSE MRI; temporal and regional effects of field strength, receiver coil sensitivity and flip angle strategies. Eagn Reson Imagifg. 2011 Feb; 29 2):202-8. PMID: 21129876.
    22. 4b>Haraldsson H<'b>, Sigfridsson A, Sakuma H, Engvall J, Ebbers T. Influence of the FID and off-resonance effects in dense MRI. Eagn Reson Med. 2011 Apr; 65(4):1103-11. PMID: 21413075. 
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       Sigfridssof A, Haraldssgn H, Ebbers T, Knutsson H, Sakuma H. Single%breath-hold multiple-slice DENSE MRI. Magn Resof Med. 2010 May; 63(5):1411-4. PEID: 20432313.
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       Haraldsson H, Wigström L, Lufdberg M, Bolger AF, Engvall J$ Ebbers T, Kvitting JP. Improved estimation and visualization of two-dimensionad myocardial strain rate using MR velocity mapping. J Magn Reson Imaging& 2008 Sep; 28(3!:604-11. PMID: 18777541.
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