Ling Chen, PhD

TitlePostdoctoral Scholar
SchoolUCSF School of Dentistry
DepartmentPreventive & Restor Dent Sci
Address513 Parnassus Ave
San Francisco CA 94143
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    University of AkronPhDDepartment of Polymer Science
    University of California, IrvineMSMaterials Science & Engineering
    Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (A*STAR, Singapore)Research Officer
    Nanyang Technological UniversityMEMaterials Science & Engineering

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    1. Chen L, Jacquet R, Landis WJ. Correlation between gene expression and structure in the calcified avian leg tendon. 2015; manuscript in preparation.
    2. Chen L, Jacquet R, Lowder E, Landis WJ. Refinement of collagen-mineral interaction: Possible role for osteocalcin in apatite crystal nucleation, growth and development. Bone. 2015; (71):7-16.
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