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3D printing based on cardiac CT assists anatomic visualization prior to transcatheter aortic valve replacement.Academic Article Why?
3D printing from MRI Data: Harnessing strengths and minimizing weaknesses.Academic Article Why?
Application of 3D printing for smart objects with embedded electronic sensors and systemsAcademic Article Why?
Application of 3D Printing for Smart Objects with Embedded Electronic Sensors and SystemsAcademic Article Why?
Lin, ShezhangPerson Why?
Computer-Based Vertebral Tumor Cryoablation Planning and Procedure Simulation Involving Two Cases Using MRI-Visible 3D Printing and Advanced Visualization.Academic Article Why?
Towards real-time 3D ultrasound planning and personalized 3D printing for breast HDR brachytherapy treatment.Academic Article Why?
Courtier, JessePerson Why?
Use of a 3D-Printed Abdominal Compression Device to Facilitate CT Fluoroscopy-Guided Percutaneous Interventions.Academic Article Why?
Huo, EugenePerson Why?
Kelil, TatianaPerson Why?
Ferguson, AdamPerson Why?
Morioka, KazuhitoPerson Why?
Rapid and low-cost prototyping of medical devices using 3D printed molds for liquid injection molding.Academic Article Why?
Implantation of 3D-Printed Patient-Specific Aneurysm Models into Cadaveric Specimens: A New Training Paradigm to Allow for Improvements in Cerebrovascular Surgery and Research.Academic Article Why?
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