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Irwin, CharlesPerson Why?
Brindis, ClairePerson Why?
A computerized school-based health assessment with rapid feedback to improve adolescent health.Academic Article Why?
Ozer, ElizabethPerson Why?
Tebb, KathleenPerson Why?
Kools, SusanPerson Why?
Boyer, CherriePerson Why?
Leadership in adolescent health: developing the next generation of maternal child health leaders through mentorship.Academic Article Why?
Integrating substance use treatment into adolescent health care.Academic Article Why?
Confidentiality and access to adolescent health care services.Academic Article Why?
Unlocking the Potential of the Patient Portal for Adolescent Health.Academic Article Why?
Weisner, ConstancePerson Why?
Worldwide application of prevention science in adolescent health.Academic Article Why?
Sexual and reproductive health care: a position paper of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Romantic Relationships Models and Adolescent HealthGrant Why?
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