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Discussing adolescent sexual health in African-American churches.Academic Article Why?
Adolescent sexual health.Academic Article Why?
A Call to Action: Developing and Strengthening New Strategies to Promote Adolescent Sexual HealthAcademic Article Why?
A call to action: Developing and strengthening new strategies to promote adolescent sexual healthAcademic Article Why?
Boyer, CherriePerson Why?
Differences by sexual minority status in relationship abuse and sexual and reproductive health among adolescent females.Academic Article Why?
Gutmann-Gonzalez, AbigailPerson Why?
Sexual Health Information Networks: What are Urban African American Youth Learning?Academic Article Why?
The effectiveness of a joint mother-daughter sexual health program for Latina early adolescentsAcademic Article Why?
Predisposing, enabling and need-for-care predictors of adolescents' intention to use sexual health services.Academic Article Why?
Test-retest reliability of self-reported sexual and reproductive health measures among Hispanic adolescentsAcademic Article Why?
Finding teens in TheirSpace: Using social networking sites to connect youth to sexual health servicesAcademic Article Why?
Sexual Health Knowledge in a Sample of Perinatally HIV-infected and Perinatally-exposed Uninfected Youth.Academic Article Why?
Dynamics of parent-adolescent communication on sexual health and HIV/AIDS in Tanzania.Academic Article Why?
Decker, MaraPerson Why?
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