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Sudore, RebeccaPerson Why?
Measuring Advance Care Planning: Optimizing the Advance Care Planning Engagement Survey.Academic Article Why?
Advance care planning in the elderly.Academic Article Why?
Advance Care Planning Meets Group Medical Visits: The Feasibility of Promoting Conversations.Academic Article Why?
Advance care planning.Academic Article Why?
Incentivizing residents to document inpatient advance care planning.Academic Article Why?
Advance Care Planning.Academic Article Why?
Advance Care Planning: A Community-Based Initiative in San FranciscoAcademic Article Why?
Low Completion and Disparities in Advance Care Planning Activities Among Older Medicare Beneficiaries.Academic Article Why?
Advance Care Planning Documentation Practices and Accessibility in the Electronic Health Record: Implications for Patient Safety.Academic Article Why?
Defining Advance Care Planning for Adults: A Consensus Definition From a Multidisciplinary Delphi Panel.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of an advance care planning web-based resource: applicability for cancer treatment patients.Academic Article Why?
Measuring engagement in advance care planning: a cross-sectional multicentre feasibility study.Academic Article Why?
Provider Perspectives on Advance Care Planning Documentation in the Electronic Health Record.Academic Article Why?
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