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Social connections, immigration-related factors, and self-rated physical and mental health among Asian Americans.Academic Article Why?
Nguyen, TungPerson Why?
Tsoh, JanicePerson Why?
Associations Between Discrimination and Cardiovascular Health Among Asian Indians in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Self-reported discrimination and mental health among Asian Indians: Cultural beliefs and coping style as moderators.Academic Article Why?
Asian Men's Health StudyGrant Why?
Generational status and family cohesion effects on the receipt of mental health services among Asian Americans: findings from the National Latino and Asian American Study.Academic Article Why?
AANCART: The National Center for Reducing Asian American Cancer Health DisparitieGrant Why?
Racial differences in the association between partner abuse and barriers to prenatal health care among Asian and native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander women.Academic Article Why?
Developing theoretically based and culturally appropriate interventions to promote hepatitis B testing in 4 Asian American populations, 2006-2011.Academic Article Why?
Jih, JanePerson Why?
Immigration and acculturation in relation to health and health-related risk factors among specific Asian subgroups in a health maintenance organization.Academic Article Why?
Chan, StevenPerson Why?
Gomez, ScarlettPerson Why?
The association between subjective social status and mental health among Asian immigrants: investigating the influence of age at immigration.Academic Article Why?
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