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Gomez, ScarlettPerson Why?
Palmer, NynikkaPerson Why?
Left behind: cancer disparities in the developed world.Academic Article Why?
Hidden breast cancer disparities in Asian women: disaggregating incidence rates by ethnicity and migrant status.Academic Article Why?
Reducing Cancer and Cancer Disparities: Lessons From a Youth-Generated Diabetes Prevention Campaign.Academic Article Why?
Global Perspectives on Cancer Health Disparities: Impact, Utility, and Implications for Cancer Nursing.Academic Article Why?
Alameda County Network Program for Reducing Cancer DisparitiesGrant Why?
Origins of Cancer Disparities in Young Adults: Logic Models to Guide Research.Academic Article Why?
Pasick, RenaPerson Why?
Charting the future of cancer health disparities research: A position statement from the American Association for Cancer Research, the American Cancer Society, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and the National Cancer Institute.Academic Article Why?
Working to Eliminate Cancer Health Disparities from Tobacco: A Review of the National Cancer Institute's Community Networks Program.Academic Article Why?
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Cancer Survival: The Contribution of Tumor, Sociodemographic, Institutional, and Neighborhood Characteristics.Academic Article Why?
Developing Neighborhood Archetypes for Understanding Disparities in CancerGrant Why?
Napoles, AnnaPerson Why?
Impact of contextual factors on disparities in breast cancer risk and survivalGrant Why?
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