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Cardiac Rehabilitation in Older Adults.Academic Article Why?
Whooley, MaryPerson Why?
[The Italian Survey on Cardiac Rehabilitation - 2013 (ISYDE.13-Directory): national availability and organization of cardiac rehabilitation facilities].Academic Article Why?
Association of Neighborhood Socioeconomic Context With Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation.Academic Article Why?
Association of Veterans Health Administration Home-Based Programs With Access to and Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation.Academic Article Why?
Cardiac rehabilitation and readmissions after heart transplantation.Academic Article Why?
Decisive Bearing of Organizational Dynamics on the Application and Success of Hospital-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation.Academic Article Why?
Geographic Variation in Cardiac Rehabilitation Participation in Medicare and Veterans Affairs Populations: An Opportunity for Improvement?Academic Article Why?
Growing Relevance of Cardiac Rehabilitation for an Older Population With Heart Failure.Academic Article Why?
Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation Among Patients With Heart Failure.Academic Article Why?
Schopfer, DavidPerson Why?
Home-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation for Patients with Ischemic Heart DiseaseGrant Why?
Improving Delivery of Patient-Centered Cardiac RehabilitationGrant Why?
The effects of a collaborative peer advisor/advanced practice nurse intervention: cardiac rehabilitation participation and rehospitalization in older adults after a cardiac event.Academic Article Why?
Park, LindaPerson Why?
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