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Organizational Change Management For Health Equity: Perspectives From The Disparities Leadership Program.Academic Article Why?
Blood cultures do not change management in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia.Academic Article Why?
Gonzales, RalphPerson Why?
Pramanik, RajivPerson Why?
Short-Term Efficacy and Correlates of Change in Health Weight Management Program for Chinese American Children.Academic Article Why?
Management-changing errors in the recall of radiologic results - a pilot study.Academic Article Why?
Changing management of gallstone disease during pregnancy.Academic Article Why?
Primary aldosteronism: changing concepts in diagnosis and management.Academic Article Why?
Progress in management of low-risk prostate cancer: how registries may change the world.Academic Article Why?
The changing perspective on chronic insomnia management.Academic Article Why?
Changing Management of the Patent Ductus Arteriosus: Effect on Neonatal Outcomes and Resource Utilization.Academic Article Why?
Does routine consultation of thyroid fine-needle aspiration cytology change surgical management?Academic Article Why?
Miaskowski, ChristinePerson Why?
The influence of care management tools on physician practice change across organizational settings.Academic Article Why?
Changing the face of pain management. Mechanism-based treatment most likely to succeed.Academic Article Why?
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