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Sirota, MarinaPerson Why?
Statistical data analyses for clinical neurophysiology.Academic Article Why?
Statistical methods in clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
Exploratory data analysis of hyperlipidemia on the Macintosh: software tools for analysis of biochemical, clinical, and genetic variables in 1677 consecutive lipid clinic patients.Academic Article Why?
ICOHRTA Brazilian Scientists ProgramGrant Why?
Urinary Proteome Monitoring for Transplant InjuryGrant Why?
Subclinical and clinical heart disease and the effect on kidney injury and diseasGrant Why?
Amyloid PET in AD, FTLD &PPA: Diagnosis, Functional &Structural CorrelationsGrant Why?
Impact of HIV on the T cell repertoireGrant Why?
Early Identification of Adverse Reactions to HerbsGrant Why?
Technical Development of High Resolution In-Vivo Imaging of Human Liver at 7TGrant Why?
Bridging Menopause: Experiences/Clinical EncountersGrant Why?
Clinical Trial of Topiramate for Cocaine AddictionGrant Why?
Feiner, JohnPerson Why?
Holloway, AlishaPerson Why?
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