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Adler-Milstein, JuliaPerson Why?
Merging medical informatics and automated diagnostic methods.Academic Article Why?
Avrin, DavidPerson Why?
Epi4K - Phenotyping and Clinical Informatics CoreGrant Why?
Medical InformaticsConcept Why?
Medical Informatics ApplicationsConcept Why?
Medical Informatics ComputingConcept Why?
Medical Informatics MBL/NLM Course FellowAward or Honor Receipt Why?
The AMDIS Award for excellence in applied clinical informaticsAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Sim, IdaPerson Why?
Butte, AtulPerson Why?
Arenson, RonaldPerson Why?
A code of professional ethical conduct for the American Medical Informatics Association: an AMIA Board of Directors approved white paper.Academic Article Why?
Kohli, MarcPerson Why?
Chan, StevenPerson Why?
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