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Mapping land cover change over continental Africa using Landsat and Google Earth Engine cloud computing.Academic Article Why?
Cloud computing and validation of expandable in silico livers.Academic Article Why?
In silico research in the era of cloud computing.Academic Article Why?
The Economic and Social Value of an Image Exchange Network: A Case for the Cloud.Academic Article Why?
The Utility of Cloud Computing in Analyzing GPU-Accelerated Deformable Image Registration of CT and CBCT Images in Head and Neck Cancer Radiation TherapyAcademic Article Why?
Crane, JasonPerson Why?
A cloud-based multimodality case file for mobile devices.Academic Article Why?
Midekisa, AlemayehuPerson Why?
Sturrock, HughPerson Why?
Gazzaley, AdamPerson Why?
Hunt, C. AnthonyPerson Why?
Butte, AtulPerson Why?
Bennett, AdamPerson Why?
Holl, FelixPerson Why?
Rehani, BhavyaPerson Why?
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