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Schillinger, DeanPerson Why?
When advocacy obscures accuracy online: digital pandemics of public health misinformation through an antifluoride case study.Academic Article Why?
Misinformation about tobacco.Academic Article Why?
Karliner, LeahPerson Why?
Conveying misinformation: Top-ranked Japanese books on tobacco.Academic Article Why?
Don't let misinformation derail the trachoma elimination programme.Academic Article Why?
The Neurontin legacy--marketing through misinformation and manipulation.Academic Article Why?
Fernandez, AliciaPerson Why?
Cross-Cultural Communication and Colorectal ScreeningGrant Why?
Editorial overview: communication and language: animal communication and human language.Academic Article Why?
Improving primary care-specialty care communication: lessons from San Francisco's safety net: comment on "Referral and consultation communication between primary care and specialist physicians".Academic Article Why?
Communication strategies for a successful inpatient dermatology consultative service: a narrative review.Academic Article Why?
Influencing prescribing through effective communication skills.Academic Article Why?
A systematic review of communication quality improvement interventions for patients with advanced and serious illness.Academic Article Why?
Asynchronous transfer mode technology for radiologic image communication.Academic Article Why?
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