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Exposure to Community Violence and Sexual Behaviors Among African American Youth: Testing Multiple Pathways.Academic Article Why?
Family Resources as Protective Factors for Low-Income Youth Exposed to Community Violence.Academic Article Why?
A longitudinal study of substance use and community violence in schizophrenia.Academic Article Why?
Community violence and health risk factors among adolescents on Chicago's southside: does gender matter?Academic Article Why?
Testing pathways linking exposure to community violence and sexual behaviors among African American youth.Academic Article Why?
Neighborhood characteristics and sexual intimate partner violence against women among low-income, drug-involved New York City residents: results from the IMPACT Studies.Academic Article Why?
Increase of perceived frequency of neighborhood domestic violence is associated with increase of women's depression symptoms in a nationally representative longitudinal study in South Africa.Academic Article Why?
Recent violence in a community-based sample of homeless and unstably housed women with high levels of psychiatric comorbidity.Academic Article Why?
Neighborhood socioeconomic status is associated with violent reinjury.Academic Article Why?
The aftermath of public housing relocations: relationships between changes in local socioeconomic conditions and depressive symptoms in a cohort of adult relocaters.Academic Article Why?
Building community capacity: sustaining the effects of multiple, two-year community-based participatory research projects.Academic Article Why?
Responding to domestic violence: a student's perspective.Academic Article Why?
Intimate partner violence, depressive symptoms, and immigration status: does existing advocacy intervention work on abused immigrant women in the Chinese community?Academic Article Why?
Depression among women experiencing intimate partner violence in a Chinese community.Academic Article Why?
[Types and severity of partner violence against women living in the community in Cali, Colombia].Academic Article Why?
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