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Boyer, CherriePerson Why?
Kegeles, SusanPerson Why?
The Bruthas Project: evaluation of a community-based HIV prevention intervention for African American men who have sex with men and women.Academic Article Why?
Innovative approaches to cohort retention in a community-based HIV/STI prevention trial for socially marginalized Peruvian young adults.Academic Article Why?
A community-based approach to tobacco prevention: Hawaii's youth taking on the tobacco industry.Academic Article Why?
Project Shikamana: Baseline Findings From a Community Empowerment-Based Combination HIV Prevention Trial Among Female Sex Workers in Iringa, Tanzania.Academic Article Why?
An intervention to help community-based organizations implement an evidence-based HIV prevention intervention: the Mpowerment Project technology exchange system.Academic Article Why?
Hong, Oi SaengPerson Why?
A Community-Supported Clinic-Based Program for Prevention of Violence against Pregnant Women in Rural Kenya.Academic Article Why?
Adaptation of an evidence-based HIV prevention intervention for women with incarcerated partners: expanding to community settings.Academic Article Why?
Community-based distribution of misoprostol for treatment or prevention of postpartum hemorrhage: cost-effectiveness, mortality, and morbidity reduction analysis.Academic Article Why?
Recent HIV-prevention interventions for gay men: individual, small-group and community-based studies.Academic Article Why?
A university and community-based organization collaboration to build capacity to develop, implement, and evaluate an innovative HIV prevention intervention for an urban African American population.Academic Article Why?
Lightfoot, MargueritaPerson Why?
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