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Sudore, RebeccaPerson Why?
Lo, BernardPerson Why?
Shared decision making and patient decision aids in dermatology.Academic Article Why?
Clinical decision-making: physicians' preferences and experiences.Academic Article Why?
Dissemination and Implementation of Shared Decision Making Into Clinical Practice: A Research Agenda.Academic Article Why?
Emergency physician perceptions of shared decision-making.Academic Article Why?
Health Policy and Shared Decision Making in Emergency Care: A Research Agenda.Academic Article Why?
Hippocampal-cortical interaction in decision making.Academic Article Why?
Impaired decision-making and brain shrinkage in alcoholism.Academic Article Why?
Perceived Appropriateness of Shared Decision-making in the Emergency Department: A Survey Study.Academic Article Why?
Sense of Control in End-of-Life Decision-Making.Academic Article Why?
The art and science of medical decision making.Academic Article Why?
[Shared decision making in the colorectal cancer screening program in the canton of Vaud].Academic Article Why?
Acetaminophen concentrations prior to 4 hours of ingestion: impact on diagnostic decision-making and treatment.Academic Article Why?
An electrophysiological index of changes in risk decision-making strategies.Academic Article Why?
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