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Deeks, StevenPerson Why?
Antiretroviral Drug Use and HIV Drug Resistance Among HIV-Infected Black Men Who Have Sex With Men: HIV Prevention Trials Network 061.Academic Article Why?
Grant, RobertPerson Why?
HIV drug resistance detected during low-level viraemia is associated with subsequent virologic failure.Academic Article Why?
Geographic and temporal trends in the molecular epidemiology and genetic mechanisms of transmitted HIV-1 drug resistance: an individual-patient- and sequence-level meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
Weighing the risk of drug resistance with the benefits of HIV preexposure prophylaxis.Academic Article Why?
HIV drug resistance acquired through superinfection.Academic Article Why?
Transmitted HIV drug resistance in Asia.Academic Article Why?
Broad antiretroviral activity and resistance profile of the novel human immunodeficiency virus integrase inhibitor elvitegravir (JTK-303/GS-9137).Academic Article Why?
Drug resistance and plasma viral RNA level after ineffective use of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis in women.Academic Article Why?
HIV-1 drug-resistant minority variants: sweating the small stuff.Academic Article Why?
Relationship between minority nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor resistance mutations, adherence, and the risk of virologic failure.Academic Article Why?
Low-frequency HIV-1 drug resistance mutations and risk of NNRTI-based antiretroviral treatment failure: a systematic review and pooled analysis.Academic Article Why?
The infection staging and profile of genotypic distribution and drug resistance mutation among the human immunodeficiency virus-1 infected blood donors from five Chinese blood centers, 2012-2014.Academic Article Why?
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