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Using medicare data to understand health care value--reply.Academic Article Why?
We Can Teach How to Bend the Cost Curve: Lessons in Pediatric High-Value Health Care.Academic Article Why?
Phillips, KathrynPerson Why?
The value of health care information exchange and interoperability.Academic Article Why?
Identifying Older Adults with Serious Illness: A Critical Step toward Improving the Value of Health Care.Academic Article Why?
A framework for the frontline: How hospitalists can improve healthcare value.Academic Article Why?
Defining competencies for education in health care value: recommendations from the University of California, San Francisco Center for Healthcare Value Training Initiative.Academic Article Why?
Gonzales, RalphPerson Why?
Are relative value units hurting healthcare?Academic Article Why?
Using Medicare data to understand low-value health care: the case of intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections.Academic Article Why?
The value of healthcare information exchange and interoperability in New York state.Academic Article Why?
Understanding Value-Based Healthcare (McGraw-Hill)Academic Article Why?
Caries risk/susceptibility assessment: its value in minimum intervention oral healthcare.Academic Article Why?
Professional organizations' role in supporting physicians to improve value in health care.Academic Article Why?
Value-added medical education: engaging future doctors to transform health care delivery today.Academic Article Why?
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