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Optimization and Validation of High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis Parameters.Academic Article Why?
High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Untargeted Drug Screening.Academic Article Why?
Sequence verification of human creatine kinase (43 kDa) isozymes by high-resolution tandem mass spectrometryAcademic Article Why?
Gerona, RoyPerson Why?
Proteogenomic analysis of Candida glabrata using high resolution mass spectrometry.Academic Article Why?
Reverse Iontophoretic Extraction of Metabolites from Living Plants and their Identification by Ion-chromatography Coupled to High Resolution Mass Spectrometry.Academic Article Why?
Role of liquid chromatography-high-resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HR/MS) in clinical toxicology.Academic Article Why?
Proteogenomic analysis of pathogenic yeast Cryptococcus neoformans using high resolution mass spectrometry.Academic Article Why?
Proteogenomic analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by high resolution mass spectrometry.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of the trace organic molecular composition of industrial and municipal wastewater effluents by capillary gas chromatography/real-time high-resolution mass spectrometry: a preliminary report.Academic Article Why?
A proteogenomic analysis of Anopheles gambiae using high-resolution Fourier transform mass spectrometry.Academic Article Why?
Lynch, KaraPerson Why?
Wide-mass-range axialization for high-resolution Fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry of externally generated ions.Academic Article Why?
Wu, AlanPerson Why?
Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight-mass spectrometry of lipopolysaccharide species separated by slab-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis: high-resolution separation and molecular weight determination of lipooligosaccharides from Vibrio fischeri strain HMK.Academic Article Why?
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