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Auerbach, AndrewPerson Why?
Hospital medicine in 2015: Remarkable successes and a crucial crossroads.Academic Article Why?
Science and scholarship: ten volumes of the Journal Hospital Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Challenges and opportunities in academic hospital medicine: report from the Academic Hospital Medicine Summit.Academic Article Why?
Journal of Hospital Medicine in 2014 and beyond.Academic Article Why?
Hospital Medicine (2nd Edition)Academic Article Why?
The state of hospital medicine in 2008.Academic Article Why?
Update in hospital medicine.Academic Article Why?
Career satisfaction and burnout in academic hospital medicine.Academic Article Why?
Hospitals, hospital medicine, and health for allAcademic Article Why?
Annals for Hospitalists Inpatient Notes - Research Highlights From Hospital Medicine 2017.Academic Article Why?
Hospital medicine fellowships: works in progress.Academic Article Why?
Journal of Hospital MedicineAcademic Article Why?
Pediatric Hospital Medicine Textbook (in press)Academic Article Why?
Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) National Conference 2012Academic Article Why?
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