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Handley, MargaretPerson Why?
Meffert, SusanPerson Why?
Cohen, CraigPerson Why?
Cattamanchi, AdithyaPerson Why?
Myers, JanetPerson Why?
Impact of Core Implementation Components on AdoptionGrant Why?
Glantz, StantonPerson Why?
From development to implementation-A smartphone and email-based discharge follow-up program for pediatric patients after hospital discharge.Academic Article Why?
Bardach, NaomiPerson Why?
Karliner, LeahPerson Why?
Sorensen, JamesPerson Why?
Barriers to Effective Tobacco Control Policy Implementation in the US MilitaryGrant Why?
Implementation Outcomes of a Health IT Program For Vulnerable Diabetes PatientsGrant Why?
Potter, MichaelPerson Why?
Okumura, MegiePerson Why?
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