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Continuing controversy over the international medical graduate.Academic Article Why?
International Medical Graduate FellowshipAward or Honor Receipt Why?
The problem of heavy reliance on international medical graduates to supply the surgical workforce in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Perez-Stable, EliseoPerson Why?
How valid are standard self-assessment scales for international medical graduates?Academic Article Why?
Cohen, CraigPerson Why?
[International medical graduates in Dutch health care: the new assessment procedure].Academic Article Why?
Rutherford, GeorgePerson Why?
Predictors of matching in ophthalmology residency for international medical graduates.Academic Article Why?
The clinical skills assessment for international medical graduates in The Netherlands.Academic Article Why?
The impact of international medical graduate status on primary care physicians' choice of specialist.Academic Article Why?
Including International Medical Graduates in Global Mental Health Training.Academic Article Why?
Handley, MargaretPerson Why?
Faculty development through international exchange: the IMEX initiative.Academic Article Why?
Potter, MichaelPerson Why?
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