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Klein, OphirPerson Why?
Identification, visualization and clonal analysis of intestinal stem cells in fish.Academic Article Why?
Opposing activities of Notch and Wnt signaling regulate intestinal stem cells and gut homeostasis.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of distinct pools of intestinal stem cellsGrant Why?
Expression Programs of Intestinal Cell DifferentiationGrant Why?
Engineered human pluripotent-stem-cell-derived intestinal tissues with a functional enteric nervous system.Academic Article Why?
Bone marrow-derived cells fuse with normal and transformed intestinal stem cells.Academic Article Why?
Use of transgenic mice to infer the biological properties of small intestinal stem cells and to examine the lineage relationships of their descendants.Academic Article Why?
Organization of the crypt-villus axis and evolution of its stem cell hierarchy during intestinal development.Academic Article Why?
Warts and Yorkie mediate intestinal regeneration by influencing stem cell proliferation.Academic Article Why?
Stroma provides an intestinal stem cell niche in the absence of epithelial Wnts.Academic Article Why?
Effects of scaffold material used in cardiovascular surgery on mesenchymal stem cells and cardiac progenitor cells.Academic Article Why?
Early chordate origins of the vertebrate second heart field.Academic Article Why?
Models for studying of the role of stem cell competition in field cancerizationGrant Why?
Chen, XinPerson Why?
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