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First Annual LGBT Health Workforce Conference: Empowering Our Health Workforce to Better Serve LGBT Communities.Academic Article Why?
Humfleet, GaryPerson Why?
Inclusion of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Stage 3 Meaningful Use Guidelines: A Huge Step Forward for LGBT Health.Academic Article Why?
Lunn, MitchellPerson Why?
Hung, ErickPerson Why?
Queerly Invisible: LGBTQ People of Color and Mental HealthAcademic Article Why?
High Stakes For the Health of LGBTQI Patients of ColorAcademic Article Why?
The LGBTQI health forum: an innovative interprofessional initiative to support curriculum reform.Academic Article Why?
Deutsch, MadelinePerson Why?
What’s sexual orientation got to do with it? LGBTQI reproductive healthAcademic Article Why?
Brown, WilliamPerson Why?
Obedin-Maliver, JunoPerson Why?
McQuoid, JuliaPerson Why?
Hua, WilliamPerson Why?
Haller, EllenPerson Why?
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