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First Annual LGBT Health Workforce Conference: Empowering Our Health Workforce to Better Serve LGBT Communities.Academic Article Why?
LGBT Internet Based Smoking TreatmentGrant Why?
Humfleet, GaryPerson Why?
Differentiating LGBT individuals in substance abuse treatment: analyses based on sexuality and drug preferenceAcademic Article Why?
Early history of LGBT tobacco control: CLASH at 25.Academic Article Why?
The initial interview with LGBT clients: Starting from a place of affirmationAcademic Article Why?
California Legislative LGBT Caucus AwardAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Chancellor Award for LGBT LeadershipAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Travel Award for Expanding the Reach to LGBT Older AdultsAward or Honor Receipt Why?
UCSF LGBT Leadership AwardAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Hung, ErickPerson Why?
Flatt, JasonPerson Why?
Brown, WilliamPerson Why?
Inclusion of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Stage 3 Meaningful Use Guidelines: A Huge Step Forward for LGBT Health.Academic Article Why?
Lunn, MitchellPerson Why?
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