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Corporate philanthropy, lobbying, and public health policy.Academic Article Why?
LobbyingConcept Why?
Health care lobbying: time to make patients the special interest.Academic Article Why?
Malone, RuthPerson Why?
Tobacco industry allegations of "illegal lobbying" and state tobacco control.Academic Article Why?
Glantz, StantonPerson Why?
Adler, NancyPerson Why?
Brindis, ClairePerson Why?
Costa Rica's implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: Overcoming decades of industry dominance.Academic Article Why?
Patel, AnishaPerson Why?
Sorensen, JamesPerson Why?
Bero, LisaPerson Why?
"Our reach is wide by any corporate standard": how the tobacco industry helped defeat the Clinton health plan and why it matters now.Academic Article Why?
AAN works to move health care using nurses' expertise. Interview by Susan Trossman.Academic Article Why?
Baby food industry lobbies WHO on breast feeding advice.Academic Article Why?
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