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Radiation Exposure from Medical Imaging: are Doses in the Carcinogenic Range?Grant Why?
Smith-Bindman, RebeccaPerson Why?
Clinical Decision Rules for Diagnostic Imaging in the Emergency Department: A Research Agenda.Academic Article Why?
Emergency Department Diagnostic Imaging: The Journey to Quality.Academic Article Why?
Pre-certification: lessons from diagnostic imaging.Academic Article Why?
Research Priorities in the Utilization and Interpretation of Diagnostic Imaging: Education, Assessment, and Competency.Academic Article Why?
The inextricable axis of targeted diagnostic imaging and therapy: An immunological natural history approach.Academic Article Why?
Clinical characteristics and diagnostic imaging of epidermoid tumors.Academic Article Why?
Diagnostic imaging in cryptorchidism: utility, indications, and effectiveness.Academic Article Why?
Kanzaria, HemalPerson Why?
Diagnostic Imaging: Head and NeckAcademic Article Why?
Annular pancreas. Etiology, classification and diagnostic imaging.Academic Article Why?
Handling Big Data in Medical Imaging: Iterative Reconstruction with Large-Scale Automated Parallel Computation.Academic Article Why?
IEEE Transactions on Medical ImagingAcademic Article Why?
Reports in Medical ImagingAcademic Article Why?
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