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Vexler, ZenaPerson Why?
Gonzalez, FernandoPerson Why?
Blood-brain barrier function after neonatal and pediatric experimental strokeGrant Why?
CINC-1 as a modulator of blood-brain barrier integrity after neonatal strokeGrant Why?
Lack of the scavenger receptor CD36 alters microglial phenotypes after neonatal stroke.Academic Article Why?
Barrier mechanisms in neonatal stroke.Academic Article Why?
Delayed erythropoietin therapy improves histological and behavioral outcomes after transient neonatal stroke.Academic Article Why?
Inflammation in adult and neonatal stroke.Academic Article Why?
Transient Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Model of Neonatal Stroke in P10 Rats.Academic Article Why?
Effects of neonatal stroke and erythropoietin on cell fate and neurogenesisGrant Why?
Enhanced cellular therapy for neonatal strokeGrant Why?
Erythropoietin and Neurogenesis after Neonatal StrokeGrant Why?
Immune modulation by microglia-derived microvesicles in neonatal strokeGrant Why?
Macrophages as modulators of repair after neonatal strokeGrant Why?
Mesenchymal stem cells – derived extracellular vesicles for repair after neonatal strokeGrant Why?
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