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SCT: Spinal Cord Toolbox, an open-source software for processing spinal cord MRI data.Academic Article Why?
Open Source Microscopy SoftwareGrant Why?
Olson, BeckPerson Why?
Micro-Magellan: open-source, sample-adaptive, acquisition software for optical microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Application of an Open-Source 3D Volume Rendering Software to Neurosurgical Approaches.Academic Article Why?
Crane, JasonPerson Why?
Creating a clinical video-conferencing facility in a security-constrained environment using open-source AccessGrid software and consumer hardware.Academic Article Why?
SIVIC: Open-Source, Standards-Based Software for DICOM MR Spectroscopy Workflows.Academic Article Why?
Vale, RonPerson Why?
Open-source logic-based automated sleep scoring software using electrophysiological recordings in rats.Academic Article Why?
GenMAPP-CS, a dynamic resource pathway analysisGrant Why?
Fusion of Electromagnetic Brain Imaging and fMRIGrant Why?
GenMAPP: A tool for pathway analysis of genomic dataGrant Why?
Conklin, BrucePerson Why?
Nagarajan, SrikantanPerson Why?
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