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Specialist physician practices as patient-centered medical homes.Academic Article Why?
Olayiwola, J. NwandoPerson Why?
Patient-centered medical homes and physician assistant education: preparing the PA student for the practice of the future.Academic Article Why?
Less tinkering, more transforming: how to build successful patient-centered medical homes.Academic Article Why?
The potential of crowdsourcing to improve patient-centered care.Academic Article Why?
The Impact of HIT on Cost and Quality in Patient-Centered Medical Home Practices.Academic Article Why?
Patient-centered medical homes may reduce emergency department use: what does this tell us?Academic Article Why?
Estimating the costs of supporting safety-net transformation into patient-centered medical homes in post-Katrina New Orleans.Academic Article Why?
Rittenhouse, DianePerson Why?
The patient-centered medical home and patient experience.Academic Article Why?
Enhancing patient-centered care: SGIM and choosing wisely.Academic Article Why?
Characteristics of Primary Care Physicians in Patient-centered Medical Home Practices: United States, 2013.Academic Article Why?
Patient-centered medical home model: do school-based health centers fit the model?Academic Article Why?
Patient-Centered CareConcept Why?
Development of a measure to assess healthcare providers' implementation of patient-centered care.Academic Article Why?
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