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Association of Neighborhood Child Opportunity Index with Individual-Level Pediatric Acute Care Use and DiagnosesGrant Why?
Fernandez, SabrinaPerson Why?
Kersten, EllenPerson Why?
Incorporating Inflammation into Mortality Risk in Pediatric Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Protocolized sedation vs usual care in pediatric patients mechanically ventilated for acute respiratory failure: a randomized clinical trial.Academic Article Why?
Consensus Report by the Pediatric Acute Lung Injury and Sepsis Investigators and Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Consortium Joint Working Committees on Supportive Care Guidelines for Management of Veno-Occlusive Disease in Children and Adolescents: Part 2-Focus on Ascites, Fluid and Electrolytes, Renal, and Transfusion Issues.Academic Article Why?
What's new about circulating biomarkers in pediatric acute lung disease.Academic Article Why?
Valcour, VictorPerson Why?
Sapru, AnilPerson Why?
Pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome: consensus recommendations from the Pediatric Acute Lung Injury Consensus Conference.Academic Article Why?
Matthay, MichaelPerson Why?
Kant, ShrutiPerson Why?
Toy, PearlPerson Why?
Oral Health Outcomes in Pediatric Transplant RecipientsGrant Why?
Brindis, RalphPerson Why?
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