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Application of Photovoice with Focus Groups to Explore Dietary Behaviors of Older Filipino Adults with Cardiovascular Disease (Submitted)Academic Article Why?
Learning to Live With HIV in the Rural Townships: A Photovoice Study of Men Who Have Sex With Men Living With HIV in Mpumalanga, South Africa.Academic Article Why?
Photovoice as a community-based participatory research method among women living with HIV/AIDS: ethical opportunities and challenges.Academic Article Why?
Taking pictures to take control: Photovoice as a tool to facilitate empowerment among poor and racial/ethnic minority women with HIV.Academic Article Why?
Understanding Dietary Behaviors of Older Filipino Adults with Cardiovascular Disease: A mixed methods pilot study using PhotovoiceAcademic Article Why?
Jih, JanePerson Why?
Increasing Water Intake In Lieu of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages among Latino YouthGrant Why?
Patel, AnishaPerson Why?
Kaplan, CeliaPerson Why?
Kegeles, SusanPerson Why?
Lane, TimPerson Why?
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