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Sexual scripts and sexual risk behaviors among Black heterosexual men: development of the Sexual Scripts Scale.Academic Article Why?
HIV-related sexual risk behaviors among male-to-female transgender people in Nepal.Academic Article Why?
Exploring Contextual Factors of Youth Homelessness And Sexual Risk Behaviors: A Qualitative Study.Academic Article Why?
Pathways to Drug and Sexual Risk Behaviors among Detained Adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Boyer, CherriePerson Why?
Santos, Glenn-MiloPerson Why?
Male to female and female to male transgender persons have different sexual risk behaviors yet similar rates of STDs and HIV.Academic Article Why?
McFarland, WilliPerson Why?
The effects of sexism, psychological distress, and difficult sexual situations on U.S. women's sexual risk behaviors.Academic Article Why?
Self-reported sexually transmitted diseases among family planning clients: ethnic differences in sexual risk behavior and HIV risk reduction.Academic Article Why?
The Impact of Food Insecurity on HIV Outcomes and Sexual Risk Behavior in UgandaGrant Why?
Stress, substance use and sexual risk behaviors among primary care patients in Cape Town, South Africa.Academic Article Why?
"The Pleasure Is Better as I've Gotten Older": Sexual Health, Sexuality, and Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Older Women Living With HIV.Academic Article Why?
High rates of STD and sexual risk behaviors among Garífunas in Honduras.Academic Article Why?
Continuing increases in sexual risk behavior and sexually transmitted diseases among men who have sex with men: San Francisco, Calif, 1999-2001, USA.Academic Article Why?
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