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Switching on After Nine: Black gay-identified men's perceptions of sexual identities and partnerships in South African towns.Academic Article Why?
Mental and Physical Health among Homeless Sexual and Gender Minorities in a Major Urban US City.Academic Article Why?
PRIDEnet: A Participant-Powered Research Network of Sexual and Gender MinoritiesGrant Why?
Flatt, JasonPerson Why?
From patients to providers: changing the culture in medicine toward sexual and gender minorities.Academic Article Why?
Shared Decision Making Among Clinicians and Asian American and Pacific Islander Sexual and Gender Minorities: An Intersectional Approach to Address a Critical Care Gap.Academic Article Why?
Wootton, AngiePerson Why?
Inclusion of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Stage 3 Meaningful Use Guidelines: A Huge Step Forward for LGBT Health.Academic Article Why?
Lunn, MitchellPerson Why?
Syndemic Factors Mediate the Relationship between Sexual Stigma and Depression among Sexual Minority Women and Gender Minorities.Academic Article Why?
“We Won’t Go Back into the Closet Now Without One Hell of a Fight”: Effects of the 2016 Presidential Election on Sexual Minority Women’s and Gender Minorities’ Stigma-Related ConcernsAcademic Article Why?
Obedin-Maliver, JunoPerson Why?
Flentje, AnnesaPerson Why?
Lane, TimPerson Why?
Dilley, JamesPerson Why?
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