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High HIV prevalence among men who have sex with men in Jamaica is associated with social vulnerability and other sexually transmitted infections.Academic Article Why?
Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and associated health and social vulnerabilities in older jail inmates.Academic Article Why?
Functional, Cognitive, and Social Vulnerabilities and Hospital ReadmissionGrant Why?
Tang, VictoriaPerson Why?
Shared vision, shared vulnerability: A content analysis of corporate social responsibility information on tobacco industry websites.Academic Article Why?
Social oppression, psychological vulnerability, and unprotected intercourse among young Black men who have sex with men.Academic Article Why?
Asian Men's Health StudyGrant Why?
Social status, cellular aging, and mortalityGrant Why?
Guideline Adherence in Elders With Multiple ComorbiditiesGrant Why?
Impact of Services on Problem Drinking TrajectoriesGrant Why?
Palar, KartikaPerson Why?
Stress, Autonomic Reactivity, and Mental Health in Low Income, Latino ChildrenGrant Why?
Choi, Kyung-HeePerson Why?
Flatt, JasonPerson Why?
Ahalt, CyrusPerson Why?
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