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Lin, MichellePerson Why?
Social media in the emergency medicine residency curriculum: social media responses to the residents' perspective article.Academic Article Why?
Blogging and Social Media for Mental Health Education and Advocacy: a Review for Psychiatrists.Academic Article Why?
Leveraging Social Media to Promote Evidence-Based Continuing Medical Education.Academic Article Why?
Social Media Use in Chronic Disease: A Systematic Review and Novel Taxonomy.Academic Article Why?
The Prescription Opioid Epidemic: Social Media Responses to the Residents' Perspective Article.Academic Article Why?
Adolescents and Social Media: Privacy, Brain Development, and the Law.Academic Article Why?
Breastfeeding and use of social media among first-time African American mothers.Academic Article Why?
Surveillance Tools Emerging From Search Engines and Social Media Data for Determining Eye Disease Patterns.Academic Article Why?
Ramo, DaniellePerson Why?
Advantages and challenges of social media in pediatrics.Academic Article Why?
How to infuse social media into a conference of tech-naive attendeesAcademic Article Why?
Online professionalism and the mirror of social media.Academic Article Why?
Scientists Should Contribute to, Not Shun, Social MediaAcademic Article Why?
Social comparison, social media, and self-esteemAcademic Article Why?
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