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Kurhanewicz, JohnPerson Why?
Vigneron, DanielPerson Why?
Nelson, SarahPerson Why?
Spectrum AnalysisConcept Why?
Spectrum Analysis, RamanConcept Why?
Ronen, SabrinaPerson Why?
Meyerhoff, DieterPerson Why?
Raster image correlation spectroscopy in live cells.Academic Article Why?
Weiner, MichaelPerson Why?
James, ThomasPerson Why?
Higgins, CharlesPerson Why?
Guy, RichardPerson Why?
Bok, RobertPerson Why?
AFM single-cell force spectroscopy links altered nuclear and cytoskeletal mechanics to defective cell adhesion in cardiac myocytes with a nuclear lamin mutation.Academic Article Why?
Dynamic molecular monitoring of retina inflammation by in vivo Raman spectroscopy coupled with multivariate analysis.Academic Article Why?
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