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Evaluation of an internet support group for women with primary breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
Psychosexual distress in women with gynecologic cancer: a feasibility study of an online support group.Academic Article Why?
Cancer patients' interest in group support programs.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of computerized text analysis in an Internet breast cancer support groupAcademic Article Why?
Psychiatric liaison support groups for general hospital staffs.Academic Article Why?
Supportive-expressive support groups for women with breast cancer: Traditional and alternative approachesAcademic Article Why?
Self-Help GroupsConcept Why?
A qualitative evaluation of an assisted self-help group for drug-addicted clients in a structured outpatient treatment setting.Academic Article Why?
A qualitative study of an internet-based support group for women with sexual distress due to gynecologic cancer.Academic Article Why?
A self-help group for drug-addicted clients. Assisted implementation in outpatient treatment.Academic Article Why?
Internet-based chat support groups for parents in family-based treatment for adolescent eating disorders: a pilot study.Academic Article Why?
Promoting resilience and recovery in a Buddhist mental health support group.Academic Article Why?
Dawson-Rose, CarolPerson Why?
Developmental challenges, stressors and coping strategies in medical residents: a qualitative analysis of support groups.Academic Article Why?
Sociodemographic characteristics and health related quality of life in men attending prostate cancer support groups.Academic Article Why?
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