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Physiology, reductionism, and translational medicine: the right mix.Academic Article Why?
RIGOR guidelines: escalating STAIR and STEPS for effective translational research.Academic Article Why?
Type 2 translational research for CKD.Academic Article Why?
Hypomyelinating leukodystrophies: translational research progress and prospects.Academic Article Why?
Central Nervous System HIV Translational Research Training ProgramGrant Why?
Training in HIV Translational ResearchGrant Why?
Butte, AtulPerson Why?
RegenBase: a knowledge base of spinal cord injury biology for translational research.Academic Article Why?
3T MR Scanner for Translational Research using MRI and MRSIGrant Why?
Perspectives, translational research, and letters to the editor.Academic Article Why?
Translational research and good behavior.Academic Article Why?
Translational research strategies applied to glioma therapeutics.Academic Article Why?
Translational research: addressing problems facing the anesthesiologist.Academic Article Why?
Translational research in medication development for nicotine dependence.Academic Article Why?
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