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Comparable sustained virologic suppression between community- and academic-based HIV care settingsAcademic Article Why?
Academic health centers: a future of struggles and new identities.Academic Article Why?
Closing the gap between academic surgery and community practice.Academic Article Why?
Early Experiences After Adopting a Quality Improvement Portfolio Into the Academic Advancement Process.Academic Article Why?
Entrepreneurship in the academic radiology environment.Academic Article Why?
Faculty development and academic vitality.Academic Article Why?
Physician compensation programs in academic medical centers.Academic Article Why?
Using Organizational Philosophy to Create a Self-Sustaining Compensation Plan Without Harming Academic Missions.Academic Article Why?
Variation in Costs of Spinal Implants in United States Academic Medical Centers.Academic Article Why?
Data-Driven Identification of Risk Factors of Patient Satisfaction at a Large Urban Academic Medical Center.Academic Article Why?
Developing a comprehensive electronic adverse event reporting system in an academic health center.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of the ASCO Value Framework for Anticancer Drugs at an Academic Medical Center.Academic Article Why?
Predictors of higher-risk chronic opioid prescriptions in an academic primary care setting.Academic Article Why?
Publication and reporting of clinical trial results: cross sectional analysis across academic medical centers.Academic Article Why?
Tackling reproducibility in academic preclinical drug discovery.Academic Article Why?
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