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Dynamic Allostery Mediated by a Conserved Tryptophan in the Tec Family Kinases.Academic Article Why?
Wells, JimPerson Why?
Site-specific Allosteric Inhibitors for Inflammatory CaspasesGrant Why?
Allosteric coupling from G protein to the agonist-binding pocket in GPCRs.Academic Article Why?
Allosteric inhibition through core disruption.Academic Article Why?
Allostery in the Hsp70 chaperone proteins.Academic Article Why?
Engineering protein allostery: 1.05 A resolution structure and enzymatic properties of a Na+-activated trypsin.Academic Article Why?
Allostery at opioid receptors: modulation with small molecule ligands.Academic Article Why?
Combinatorial enzyme design probes allostery and cooperativity in the trypsin fold.Academic Article Why?
Glucocorticoid receptor control of transcription: precision and plasticity via allostery.Academic Article Why?
Thrombin allostery.Academic Article Why?
Discovery of an allosteric site in the caspases.Academic Article Why?
Targeting Allosteric Studies to Modulate Protein Interactions and FunctionGrant Why?
Searching for new allosteric sites in enzymes.Academic Article Why?
Structure-based model of allostery predicts coupling between distant sites.Academic Article Why?
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