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Hypervigilance in college students: Associations with betrayal and dissociation and psychometric properties in a Brief Hypervigilance Scale.Academic Article Why?
The neurobiology of social anxiety disorder: the relevance of fear and anxiety.Academic Article Why?
Should we be anxious when assessing anxiety using the Beck Anxiety Inventory in clinical insomnia patients?Academic Article Why?
Anxiety and anxiety disorders.Academic Article Why?
Loop diuretics have anxiolytic effects in rat models of conditioned anxiety.Academic Article Why?
Miaskowski, ChristinePerson Why?
Anxiety Genetics: Progress and New DirectionsGrant Why?
Prevalence and correlates of anxiety in Alzheimer's disease.Academic Article Why?
Previous anxiety and depression as risk factors for early labour force exit.Academic Article Why?
Neural and molecular mechanisms in anxiety.Academic Article Why?
Anxiety and increased 5-HT1A receptor response in NCAM null mutant mice.Academic Article Why?
Family orientation, language, and anxiety among low-income Latino youth.Academic Article Why?
Abortion and anxiety: what's the relationship?Academic Article Why?
Add neurons, subtract anxiety.Academic Article Why?
Anxiety disorders and accelerated cellular ageing.Academic Article Why?
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