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The National Endowment for the Arts Guide to Community-Engaged Research in the Arts and HealthAcademic Article Why?
Reducing Failure-to-Initiate ART: Streamlined ART Start Strategy (START)Grant Why?
Reducing Failure-To-Initiate Art: Streamlined Art Start Strategy (START)Grant Why?
Charles, ArtPerson Why?
Miller, ArtPerson Why?
Physiologic study of pressure point techniques used in the martial arts.Academic Article Why?
Jain, VivekPerson Why?
Examining ART Adherence Issues in Bangalore IndiaGrant Why?
Clinical , Mechanical and Chemical Evaluation of Amalgam and ART RestorationsGrant Why?
The art of medicine.Academic Article Why?
Photographic art in exam rooms may reduce white coat hypertension.Academic Article Why?
Visual art and the brain.Academic Article Why?
ARTS, the unusual septin: structural and functional aspects.Academic Article Why?
Journal of Aging, Humanities and the ArtsAcademic Article Why?
American Academy of Arts & SciencesAward or Honor Receipt Why?
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