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Neural mechanisms of auditory feedback during speechGrant Why?
Phonetic influences on auditory feedback controlGrant Why?
Adaptation in speech production to transformed auditory feedbackAcademic Article Why?
Dynamic cortical imaging of speech compensation for auditory feedback perturbationsAcademic Article Why?
How is auditory feedback processed during speaking?Academic Article Why?
A Role for Auditory Corticothalamic Feedback in the Perception of Complex Sounds.Academic Article Why?
Nagarajan, SrikantanPerson Why?
Houde, JohnPerson Why?
Niziolek, CarolinePerson Why?
Partial compensation for altered auditory feedback: a tradeoff with somatosensory feedback?Academic Article Why?
Social context rapidly modulates the influence of auditory feedback on avian vocal motor control.Academic Article Why?
Online contributions of auditory feedback to neural activity in avian song control circuitry.Academic Article Why?
Real-time contributions of auditory feedback to avian vocal motor control.Academic Article Why?
Auditory feedback in learning and maintenance of vocal behaviour.Academic Article Why?
Short term and long term effects of enhanced auditory feedback on typing force, EMG, and comfort while typing.Academic Article Why?
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