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Primer of Biostatistics (6 ed)Academic Article Why?
Tutorial in biostatistics: instrumental variable methods for causal inferenceAcademic Article Why?
BiostatisticsConcept Why?
Chin Long Chiang Biostatistics Student of the YearAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Epidemiology & BiostatisticsDepartment Why?
Gansky, StuartPerson Why?
Byers, AmyPerson Why?
Hsu, RaymondPerson Why?
Biostatistics: how to detect, correct and prevent errors in the medical literature.Academic Article Why?
Introduction to biostatistics. An annotated bibliography for medical researchers.Academic Article Why?
Allen, Isabel ElainePerson Why?
Chaffee, BenjaminPerson Why?
Delucchi, KevinPerson Why?
Fast and accurate imputation of summary statistics enhances evidence of functional enrichment.Academic Article Why?
Gourraud, Pierre-AntoinePerson Why?
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